Information is Power: Empower Yourself

We provide up-to-date medical and scientific research from multiple disciplines that support the natural health paradigm. We provide short summaries that don’t require a medical or scientific degree to understand. Whether you are experiencing a health-related issue or are looking to understand the best approach to improving your overall health, come to CHI for guidance. 

A note on science and research:

In our society science is looked to as the principle authority and arbitrator of truth, especially when it comes to understanding nature, biology, and medicine.

Science is a social and intellectual activity that is based on a materialistic method, which seeks to understand the world and phenomena through objective information, through analysis. Facts are obtained through this method and interpreted according to a particular paradigm and theory. However, objectivity does not actually exist. The most developed science, physics, considers objectivity impossible to achieve.

If science is made into a philosophy or is considered the final arbitrator of "truth", about how the world functions and what its meaning is, it distorts and limits both what we can know about the world and what is possible. Science imposes presumptions on the world and therefore prejudices our ability to understand and picture the world. 

CHI includes scientific research not because science is the ultimate authority on matters of truth, or because it proves something, but because science is an extremely effective method for obtaining facts and information. The actual interpretation of facts and data is not left to science.

CHI takes a pragmatic, realistic and phenomenological approach (study of experience) to understanding and knowledge. We assume that all theories, practices, and systems of knowledge can be tested against experience in order to verify "truth" claims, legitimacy and utility.