Conscious Health Institute

Information Medicine 


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. CHI is where you can find reliable information to 
EMPOWER YOU to take control of your HEALTH and WELL-BEING.


The Conscious Health Institute offers you a comprehensive, trans-disciplinary approach to heath and medicine based on a natural health paradigm. Our approach is grounded in contemporary science and compatible with traditional forms of medicine. We are your source for the most up-to-date information, education, and guidance available.

We consider health in the broadest possible terms so that you can understand how it affects your whole life. Health doesn’t just happen; instead, you need to cultivate and maintain it. And that means you need to be an active participant, which is the best way to help you stay healthy and prevent disease. We’ll give you the critical knowledge you need to be able to cut through the bewildering, sometimes misleading information so that you can become an intelligent healthcare consumer.

We distill cutting-edge research from the ever-expanding world of science and the healing arts. We provide you a simple, rational framework that helps you care for your health, prevent disease, and promote well-being.

Join us at CHI to take control of your health and future, now.


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